Stay informed on the state of the economy while you work from home. Dr. Chris Chmura, a Blue Chip Economic forecaster, gives updates on the national economy. She and the Chmura team also recommend resources for you to help your community. Whether you serve workforce, economic development, education, or a local business, it's worth tuning in.

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Surviving the School Budget Crunch: Planning for the New Year

Presenter: Dr. Bryan Shelly

Friday May 22, 2020. 11am and 2pm EST

COVID-19 has threatened the funding of colleges and school divisions across the country. Join us for this free webinar with Dr. Bryan Shelly to learn why Chmura forecasts less dire cuts than you might expect and how labor data can help you identify, prioritize, and preserve your most effective programs. Bryan will also discuss how you can maximize your use of JobsEQ by Chmura to lead your institution through this crisis.

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Past Webinars

Site Selection in an Era of COVID-19

Presenters: Dr. Chris Chmura, Didi Caldwell of Global Location Strategies

In this webinar, Dr. Chris Chmura will share on the US economy, including Chmura’s projections for re-opening the economy. Didi Caldwell, President and Founder at Global Location Strategies, will discuss how the coronavirus is impacting global supply chains, foreign direct investment, and project trends. She will also advise economic developers on how to “embrace the chaos” and flourish in the new reality.

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Reopening the Post-COVID Economy

Presenters: Dr. Chris Chmura & Dr. Xiaobing Shuai

Friday May 8th, 11am & 1:30pm EST 

Lead your community to recovery.

Dr. Chris Chmura and Dr. Xiaobing Shuai gave an update on the national economy. They shared our analysis of the national recovery by industry, our most recent job postings trends, and updates to our COVID-19 Economic Vulnerability Index. Dr. Chmura will also discuss how you can maximize your use of JobsEQ by Chmura to lead your institution through this crisis.

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Career and Technical Education & COVID-19

Presenters: Dr. Chris Chmura & Dr. Bryan Shelly

Thursday April 30th, 11am and Friday May 1st, 12pm

Dr. Chris Chmura gave an update on the national economy. Dr. Bryan Shelly shared on what financial challenges the current crisis has created, how government and schools are responding, and what CTE-relevant topics are best suited for remote education. Bryan also discussed how you can maximize your use of JobsEQ by Chmura to lead your institution through this crisis.

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Preparing for Recovery: The Importance of Business Intelligence

In collaboration with the Ohio Economic Development Association.

Presenter: Dr. Chris Chmura

Friday April 24, 10am

This webinar focused on the Ohio economy specifically; Dr. Chmura gave advice on how to use data to make your region more resilient.

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How Will COVID-19 Impact Higher Education?

Presenters: Dr. Chris Chmura & Dr. Bryan Shelly

Friday April 17, 12pm and 3pm 

In this webinar, Chmura's CEO and Chief Economist Dr Chris Chmura discussed how COVID-19 is impacting the national and regional economy.  She was joined by Dr Bryan Shelly, who has over 20 years experience in higher education research. He addressed how COVID-19 may impact the higher education industry. Topics included what to expect for higher education enrollment, and how higher education professionals can use JobsEQ to identify opportunities for students during and after the pandemic.

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Economic Development and COVID-19

Presenter: Dr. Chris Chmura

April 9, 2020

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Workforce and the Coronavirus

Presenter: Dr. Chris Chmura

March 31, 2020

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