“Our clients have proven that with the best data come the best decisions.”

Christine Chmura, PhD
CEO, Chief Economist, Founder

Best Data. Best Decisions.

Data are at the heart of Chmura. As individuals, organizations, and communities, we rely on accurate, timely data to help make critical decisions and plan for growth and improvement. The team at Chmura is dedicated to developing tools and services with that need in mind. Whether developed through customized consulting projects, delivered via off-the-shelf reports, or compiled through our software tools such as JobsEQ®, our data help you answer complex questions and implement effective solutions.

Our Offerings


Our proprietary data tool JobsEQ provides the dynamic and accurate data you need to evaluate complex occupation and industry information. Our economists and statisticians are continuously anticipating users’ needs by updating the models and data sets. And with intuitive navigation, standard and customizable reporting, and visualization and download features, JobsEQ is as valuable as it is easy to use.


From primary data gathering via focus group sessions and surveys, to impact studies and economic modeling, our consulting services are designed to facilitate data-driven decision-making. Using a scientific approach, we help clients uncover major improvement opportunities and identify key result areas that align with goals to help prioritize initiatives, inform effective strategies, and provide insight to a wide audience.